William Blankenship
Does the complexity of the universe necessitate a creator?

I was presented with an argument for the existence of a creator this past week. Upon reflection, it's lead me down an interesting train of thought that I've decided to commit to paper. The argument is:

The universe is so complex, it must have been designed!

It is easy to perceive the universe as being carefully balanced to support the existence of life, almost as if it were designed to support life by one or more intelligent beings.

So let's start with the assumption that our universe was designed by an intelligent being.

First, let's assume that an intelligent being capable of designing our universe would be equally or more complex than our own universe. We find that we haven't actually explained away the complexity of our universe, we've only shifted it around and placed it into a complex intelligent being! At this point, we are confronted with the question: where did the intelligent being come from?

Following the same argument used for necessitating the intelligent being's


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