William Blankenship
What Open Source Means to Me

I've noticed a significant shift in my views on open source. I was blind to the shift while it was happening, but in retrospect it is fairly clear. The perfect storm of having read bunny's The Hardware Hacker and seeing a twitter thread got me thinking that it was time to write my thoughts down. I'm sure my views on open source aren't done changing, but maybe future me will find this snapshot entertaining.

How it Started

I came from modest means. As a kid, when I was first introduced to open source, I was interested solely in the price of the software: free. Open source (and freemium software) gave me access to the means of production, which meant I could afford to do software development. Having these tools gave me extreme economic mobility. I attribute a vast majority of my where I am today to having free access to the tools necessary to enter the field of software development;


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