William Blankenship
left-pad and Proper Engineering Principles

A recent event in the Node.js ecosystem received widespread attention. There has been a surprising amount of logical fallacies, conflation of problems, and general misinformation about what transpired. This post is me throwing my hat in the ring as a voice in the conversation.

In this article, we will separate out each individual conversation that has been taking place around the events of #npmgate, we will put forward the reason it caused as much trouble as it did, and how you could have protected yourself from what transpired. This will be entirely from an engineering perspective. The "people", "legal", and "philisophical" questions will be saved for another time.

Separation of Concerns

Much of the misunderstanding and borderline panic has been caused by the conflation of several problems. Before we dive into the opinionated section of this piece, I'm going to take a moment to separate out the individual issues tha


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